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9 November 2021 - 12 November 2021
Hands On! Conference 2021: Hands On – into the future

Conference Hosts

The 13th conference will take place online and is hosted by FRida & freD and ZOOM Children’s Museum in cooperation with local partners.

FRida & freD  is a place for all children. With their programs, They focus on teaching children the world’s diversity and help them with a better understanding of its complexities. Along with their contents, FRida & freD focuses on making sure that the young  visitors develop into confident and responsible citizens who interact carefully with their fellow human beings and their environment. This is a place where children and their parent feel at home, a place that excites their senses and inspires their fantasies, and a place that touches their hearts and encourages their creativity.

“Hands on, minds on, hearts on!”

At ZOOM Children’s Museum Vienna based in the Area of MQ Vienna, children are welcome to ask questions, to touch and to feel, to examine and to play to their hearts’ desire. At ZOOM, children explore the world with all their senses, on their own or in small teams. In the

ir own individual way, they zoom in on objects and situations and, by doing so, find out about themselves and discover their own skills, abilities and creativity. In contrast to museums for adults, ZOOM invites children to touch and try out exhibits and, through the sense of touch, take possession of the world. Play comes first at ZOOM and makes learning an individual process enhancing children’s creativity.

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